Hi, my name is Vlada!


Thank you for stopping by to get to know me.


I was born in Soviet Union and raised in Ukraine. Like most girls I always liked playing with my mom's makeup, but it never occurred to me that this could be a career option. I tried myself at different jobs before I found my true passion. My last regular job was an assistant to a Partner of a big law firm. I desperately needed a creative outlet because the routine and the lack of creativity at work were driving me crazy! I went to a makeup school and I felt like I finally found my planet.


I started my professional makeup career in 2011 in Kiev. In 2013 I moved to the US to marry the love of my life. It was difficult to free lance in the area we used to live, so I decided to get a job at Sephora. After working there for a little while I realized that LA was the place I needed to be. My husband and I decided to move. I didn't want to quit my job at Sephora, so, I asked to be transferred. Unfortunately, at the last minute my transfer was denied and I ended up in LA with no job, no friends and my musician husband constantly on the road. This was when I decided to start experimenting with makeup on myself. I became the rest of the team I was missing: my model, my photographer and my own retoucher. It was a one woman show! Lip art became my way to escape the reality and to reconnect with my creativity.


My lip art creations became popular on my Instagram page, a lot of people liked them and that inspired me to keep exploring and I'm so happy I did! Lip art is now a huge part of my creative process and my life.


My makeup, hair styling and photography were featured in Harper's Bazaar Ukraine (pint), Like a Lion (Australia, online), Story (Ukraine, print), HOLE (Germany, online), WHERE (USA, print), Elegant Magazine (online), Elegant Ink (online), Fuse (online), Brink (online), Dark Beauty Magazine (online), Kaiouti Mag (online), Jute Magazine (online), Reve Magazine (Italy, online), Harper's Bazaar (Kazakhstan, print), Vogue (Mexico, print), Cosmopolitan (USA, online), Refinery29 (USA, online), TUSH Magazine (Germany, online), Make-up Artist Magazine (USA, print).


From 2015 through 2017 I worked closely with Smashbox Cosmetics on creating a range of beautiful cosmetic products and lip art for campaigns. From 2016 through 2017 I was the Lip Editor In Chief for Smashbox Cosmetics. We have also collaborated on the Petal Metal collection that was named the best makeup collaboration of 2018 according to POPSUGAR.


I had my very first Gallery show together with Colin and Sas Christian in November 2017 at AFA Gallery in New York. You can see the photos and read about it in the Press section of the site.


I had the honor to also work with Pat McGrath Labs, Covergirl, Maybelline, Disney Style, Cacharel, NYX, Veil Cosmetics, POPSUGAR, Hello Giggles.

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