Vlada Haggerty is an international makeup artist, photographer, and lip artist.

Vlada was born on June 8, 1984 in Kyiv, Ukraine (Soviet Union at the time). She earned a master’s degree from The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University of Ukraine in 2006, but she has never worked a day using that diploma.

In 2008, Vlada decided to pursue her lifelong passion of makeup artistry, a talent she rediscovered after finishing a course at Naida Beauty Makeup School, one of the best makeup schools in Kyiv. Since 2009, Vlada has worked as a freelance makeup artist working on various projects in the industry.


In 2011, she entered into the Nevskiye Berega International Beauty Expo makeup competition and won two silver and one bronze medals in the Junior Category. In 2012, Vlada won a bronze medal in the Kyiv National Makeup Competition. In 2014, she moved to Los Angeles where her career took a surprising turn. After not getting a job transfer that she was promised, Vlada found herself in a new city with no friends, no connections, and no work opportunities. This is when she turned to lip art as a creative outlet and as her own version of therapy. Her face became her canvas.


Vlada’s creations quickly drew attention on Instagram, allowing her to continue exploring the fascinating world of lip art. From 2015 through 2017, Vlada worked with Smashbox Cosmetics—owned by Estée Lauder Companies—to create a range of beautiful cosmetic products and lip art campaigns.

From 2016 through 2017, she was given the title of Lip Editor in Chief for all of Smashbox Cosmetics.


Vlada’s makeup, hair styling, and photography works have been featured in many publications including, Harper's BAZAAR Ukraine (print), Like a Lion (Australia, online), Story (Ukraine, print), HOLE (Germany, online), WHERE (USA, print), Elegant Magazine (online), Elegant Ink (online), Fuse (online), Brink (online), Dark Beauty Magazine (online), Kai’outi Magazine (online), Jute Magazine (online), Reve Magazine (Italy, online), Harper's BAZAAR Kazakhstan (print), Vogue México (print), Vogue India (print + online), Cosmopolitan (USA, online), Refinery29 (USA, online), TUSH Magazine (Germany, online), and Make-up Artist Magazine (USA, print).


Vlada had her first gallery show, together with Colin and Sas Christian, in November 2017 at AFA Gallery in New York City.


Vlada currently lives and works in Los Angeles, and owns www.lipart.shop where people can buy some of her most intricate and well-known lip art designs as photo prints, canvases, clothing, accessories, and home décor. Lip Art Shop is bringing Vlada’s work closer to the people and inspires many to explore the wonderful world of lip art. Vlada’s goal is to make the world more beautiful, one lip art at a time!